If you have a question about our rally and it’s not covered in the answers below please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours.

Q. Can I get in for just £25.00 per person for the entire weekend?

A. If you are on a scooter and have your tent with you, then YES you can.

Q. Can I buy a day only wristband?

A. Yes we are providing a day only wristband on Saturday only. The cost is £25.00 and you’ll receive a £15.00 refund if you have left the site NO LATER THAN 5.00pm. Daytime only wristbands are only available for Saturday and cannot be purchased online, only on the gate at the weekend. If you are not on a scooter, you will also need to purchase parking at £25.00. We do not sell Friday only wristbands.

Q. Can I buy an evening only wristband?

A. No we do not sell evening only wristbands.

Q. Can I sign on for the B.S.R.A, V.C.B. or L.C.G.B. Championships without buying a wristband?

A. If you are signing on for the B.S.R.A. V.C.B or L.C.G.B. Championships and you have your signing in card with you, you’ll be able to enter the rally for £10.00 on the Saturday ONLY. You’ll be charge £25 on entry and will receive a £15.00 refund if you leave before 5.00pm on the same day. You will not be entitled to use the FREE dyno whilst onsite. 

Q. When I buy online, is the website secure and are my details protected?

A. All purchases you make via Skiddle.com, our official ticket outlet are encrypted through secure server technology.

Q. When I buy online, do I get charged a booking fee?

A. Yes, Skiddle will charge you a booking fee on each ticket you buy.

Q. I’ve bought more than one wristband in one name on Skiddle, but we won’t be all arriving together at the same time, does this matter?

A. No it doesn’t matter, when each of your group arrive, just mention the name it was booked under.

Q. Can I purchase my wristbands on the gate on the day?

A. Yes you can. However, in the past we have come very close to our maximum venue capacity, so it’s worth buying now to save the possibility of disappointment. Numbers attending our rally have increasing every year. 

Q. I am a Trader, can I purchase my Trade Stall pass and wristbands on the gate on the day?

A. No, you can only buy a traders stall pass in advance and pitches are limited and sell quickly. You will need to complete an application form firstly by clicking on this link

Q. I purchased online but have not received my wristbands in the post?

A. We do not send your wristbands to you; your wristbands can be collected on the gate on the day and your name will be on a list along with the last four digits of your card number. All you need to do is to bring the credit or debit card with you, the one you used when you made your purchase online.

Q. I have purchased my wristband etc online, but I’ve received no confirmation?

A. You should of received a confirmation email from Skiddle. If you did not receive it or cannot find it, you can sign back in to your Skiddle account and have this re-sent.

Q. Are children permitted?

A. Yes children are permitted, but are the responsibility of their parents or guardian’s at all times and must not be left alone, or allowed to ‘run wild’. We do not offer childcare facilities on the site or within the venues. PLEASE NOTE: CHILDREN 15 YEARS OR UNDER ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE MAIN VENUE or THE DARKSIDE ROOM AFTER 10.00PM

Q. What rooms are children allowed in after 10pm?

A. Children ARE NOT permitted in the main venue (The Dray) or the Darkside room after 10pm, this is for their safety as the room becomes very busy. Children ARE permitted in the live music room up to 11.00pm when it closes and the Reggae Tent up until midnight when it closes. Children are also permitted in the Skool Disco tent up until midnight when it closes. There are no rooms avaliable for children after midnight.

Q. Are there discounts for children?

A. Children 15 years or under are free? (You will be asked for proof of your Child’s age at the gate so please bring this with you). One child per adult please.

Q. Is there parking available for cars / vans?

A. This is a scooter rally and we would love to see you on your scooter. If however your personal circumstances do not allow this, then we are providing advance booking vehicle parking at £25.00 per car (wristbands to be purchased separately). Disabled Blue Badge holders will not have to pay a parking charge.


Q. I haven’t purchased an advance parking permit, can I pay on the gate when I arrive?

A. No, parking is only available in advance.

Q. Can I park my car next to my tent?

A. No. Unfortunately at our 2014 rally we had a few instances of people driving their car around the campsite whilst under the influence of alcohol. To ensure your safety and that of others we have had no alternative to ban cars from the campsite and provide a parking area just outside the scooter only camping site.  

Q. I am registered disabled; can I park next to my tent?

A. Yes you can, there is a designated camping parking area for disabled. You’ll not be charged for parking if you’re displaying a blue badge registered in your name.

Q. I have a huge tent and lots of luggage, how do I get these from the car park to the campsite and how far is it?

A. You will have to carry them. It’s approximately 200 yards

Q. Can I drive my car into the campsite, unload it and then return it to the car park?

A. No

Q. Can I bring my Caravan / Motor-home at the rally?

A. This is a scooter rally and we would love to see you on your scooter. If however your personal circumstances do not allow this, then we are also providing a separate area for Caravans, Motor-homes and Vans that are slept in for £55.00 per vehicle (wristbands to be purchased separately). We do not provide toilets in the caravan / motorhome field.

Q. Why do I have to pay £25.00 to park my car in a car park or £55.00 for my van / caravan / motor-home in a field?

Our main aim is to provide a value for money scooter rally, for scooterists and their families. We want to ensure our event continues as a scooter rally and does not become a music festival. Therefore we will always encourage scooter riding to our event and discourage other forms of transport, even if it means less people are able to attend our event. Please do not see this as discrimination against those who genuinely cannot ride a scooter for whatever reason, but proactive organisation to ensure our rally succeeds as a ‘Scooter Rally’ in future years to come. If you have to bring a four wheeled vehicle to our rally, rest assured that you are already getting fantastic value for money and part of your parking fee will help support the large donation we make annually to chosen charities.

In simple terms, to hold a ‘scooter rally’ you need scooters. The less scooters there are, the less scooterists will come. As a club we are not interested in hosting a music festival and the day that the event doesn’t have a significant amount of scooters on the site over the weekend, is the day we will decide to stop the event. PLEASE HELP US with this by riding your scooter to our rally. 

Q. I want to position my Car / Camper van / Caravan next to my family / mates, who are on scooters and in a tent. Can I?

A. We have two areas for camping, Scooters and Tents ONLY, directly outside the main venue, or a Caravan / Camper van area, a little further away. You will only be able to park next to them if they pitch there tents in the Caravan / Camper area. No four wheeled vehicles are permitted in the Scooter Only area.

Q. I would like an electrical hook up for my tent, Caravan, camper, is this available and how do I buy this?

A. Electrical hook ups are available just outside the rally camping areas but only in advance and you will need to buy this direct from the Hop Farm. Should you wish to book an electrical hook up please telephone The Hop Farm on 01622 870 838 or email them at touring@thehopfarm.co.uk for prices and availability. You can then purchase your wristbands direct from this website or on the gate on the day.

Q. What camping facilities are on site?

A. There are clean, hot, male and female shower cubicles on site within the main shower block. There are also other toilet blocks around the site and all are open 24 hours. There is also electrical plug sockets for hairdryers etc and mirrors available adjacent to the shower blocks.

Q. Can I bring my dog to the rally?

A. Yes dogs are welcome but must be kept on leads at all times. Cleaning up is the responsibility of the owner.

Q. Can we use a BBQ on the campsite?

A. Yes you can use a BBQ, but it must be kept off of the ground, at least three meters away from your or anyone else’s tent and safely extinguished once used. Open fires are not permitted.

Q. Can we use Chinese lanterns on the campsite?

A. No, Chinese lanterns are not permitted on the camp site due to the fire risk with tents.

Q. Is there food and drink available at the rally?

A. Yes there is a cafe and restaurant on site along with eight different food wagons offering a huge selection of foods, including vegetarian options.

Q. How do you provide all this entertainment for only £25.00 for the weekend per person?

A. We don’t know.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer within 24 hours.