Our camp-site will be fully fenced around the perimeter* (not including the cars, caravan or camper-van areas) and will have festoon lighting so you can see your way back to your tent. There will also be 24 hours paramedics on site along with a dedicated ambulance, for your safety. 


The main camping field in front of the venues is reserved for scooter riders and their families only who are camping in tents. There are portaloos provided in this field.


We have a Glamping option for those that do not want to load up their scooters with tents and beds. The Glamping tents will be in the main scooter camping field. For more details on glamping for for prices please visit this page.

Caravans & Motor-homes

If for some reasons you can’t ride your scooter and have to bring a caravan or motor home, then there is a separate camping field adjacent to the main camping field where you can pitch your caravan or park your motor home. This however is subject to a £60.00 charge and WE DO NOT PROVIDE TOILETS or electrical hook ups in this field.

Caravans & Motor-homes and electrical hook-up

If you require an electrical hook up then you’ll need to book and pay for this direct with the Hop Farm but you’ll then have to pitch or park just outside our rally boundaries (but still close to the rally). You’ll also need to buy your wristbands separately, which you can do on this website if you wish. For electrical hook ups please contact the Hop Farm direct on 01622 870 838 and ask to be put through to touring. Alternatively email them at for prices and availability. The electrical hook up area is not available to the public on the weekend of our rally and therefore if you try to book it online it will show as ‘campsite full’. The only way to book an electrical hookup for our rally is to telephone or email them on the details shown above.

Car and Van Parking

If for some reason you can’t ride your scooter to the rally and have to bring a car, then you’ll also be subject to a parking charge of £25.00. Your car will be parked in a separate car parking area away from the campsite but within the rally boundaries. You will have to carry any luggage, tents etc to the campsite which is about 200 yards. CAR & VAN PARKING HAS TO BE PRE-BOOKED AND IS LIMITED, please book now on this website to avoid disappointment. 

We’ve done everything we can to make your camping stay as comfortable as we can. We hope you enjoy it and the sun shines like it usually does on our rally weekends.


We are limiting the number of cars to our rally again this year, so please book your car in early by purchasing your parking by following this link. If you are in a car, you will only be able to park within our rally car park.  You will not be able to park your car anywhere else on the Hop Farm’s land after 10.00pm and before 8.00am. Be warned that you will receive a hefty penalty notice by the Hop Farm if you ignore the no parking warnings and the signs that are displayed around the Hop Farm.