As usual we’ll have four great rooms of music at our rally in 2018.

It’s all change in ‘The Main Venue’ this year with the introduction of the Darkside sound system. That’s not to say we’re replacing the original DJ’s and mainstream scootering sounds, we’re going to have both, two stages, two sound systems and two sets of DJ’s, playing off against one another. Who will rule the dance floor? let’s wait and see!

‘The Reggae Rumble Room’ will be in full swing until midnight, playing reggae all weekend, plus some Ska and Trojan tracks added in and mixed up. If you like your Reggae and Ska and you like it loud, then get into this room as soon as you can, because last year it was packed to the rafters! The Reggae room also hosts it’s own bar so there’s no reason you’ll ever have to leave.

‘The Live Music Tent’ which proved a massive success at previous rallies continues this year. Again we’ll have three awesome bands playing back to back in this room on the Friday night and another three bands on the Saturday night. So, if you like your music live and loud, then this is the room for you.

‘The Skool Disco Room’  After numerous requests we’ve decided to bring this room back for 2018. It’s a mental room, playing just about any old shit and to be honest, the worst the record, the better it seems to go down. Check it out, you can only be disappointed!

…And if there’s nothing in the four rooms above that interests you , then you could always stand on the Dray forecourt with a few hundred other pissed and happy scooterists.

PLEASE NOTE: Children 15 and under are not permitted in the main venue (The Dray) after 10.00pm.  The main room closes at 2.00am and all marquess close at midnight. Admission to some music rooms may be restricted at busy times for Health and Safety reasons, so please arrive early.

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