Have your message, advert or event displayed on the Big Screen in the main room over the weekend. Say hello to your mates. promote your scooter related event, display your club logo or tell your Mrs you’re leaving her!¬†Anything* can be broadcast on our big screen TV in front of 1000’s of scooterists and it’s FREE.

Just compete the form, add your message or upload a pre made flyer or image. If you prefer we can add your text over you image for you. All for FREE.

*Please note, we will not broadcast content associated with religion, racism or football or anything that is likely to piss people off. We reserve the right not to broadcast any message.

What day / evening do you want you message or advert broadcast?
If your broadcasts includes a message or text, please write it here. We can incorporate your text onto an image if you upload one below :
If your message or advert requires an image or is just an image add it here:
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