Yep you heard it right… We will be giving away a spanking brand new mint green Scomadi 125cc auto scooter this year at our 2017 National Scooter Rally.

The scooter has been purchased by us and is currently being held at Scomadi HQ ready to be delivered to our rally so that one lucky wristband holder can take it home.

Who will win it we don’t know, but what we do know is that whoever it is, has to be wearing a big 7 adult wristband*, has to be in the main venue between 4.00pm – 5.30pm on Saturday 10th and has to be standing within hearing distance of the caller.

How it works? Every adult wristband will be printed with a unique number. Between the times mentioned above we will randomly pick one number and call it out over the microphone. If the person wearing that numbered wristband hears the call and comes to the stage and has the correct number printed on their wristband, they WIN the scooter, it’s as simple as that! The number will be called ONLY 5 times, if the scomadi is not claimed, then we will pick a new number. Once the new number is announced, the previous number is null and void. In other words, if you don’t hear your number called out then you do not win the Scomadi, so please make sure you’re in the main venue between the times mentioned above and within hearing distance of the caller.

Be in the main venue (The Dray) between 4.00pm – 5.30pm on Saturday 10th because it goes without saying… if you miss it, you’re a twat!


*Only those with a purchased adult wristband can win. ID may be required for proof of age. Female model not included.