Welcome to the B.S.R.A Big 7 National Scooter Rally website.


Covid-19 Update 14.06.21

Further to the Government’s Corona Virus Update today our rally for 2021 has been CANCELLED.  Dates of our 2022 rally will be confirmed as soon as possible.


Covid-19 Update 02.06.21

Further to our update below, we are aware that people are having major problems booking a rapid lateral flow test at a test centre, as many of them throughout the country are closing. Because of this we are being inundated with messages asking us for answers, but unfortunately we don’t have any. Please can you wait until after the next Government Corona Virus Update, which we think is on 14th June, before messaging us regarding testing. We will then hopefully know whether the rally can go ahead and if so, whether we will need testing and if we do, where these tests can be taken. Sorry we cannot be of any further help at the moment. Thank you


Covid-19 Update 26.05.21

Please read this update in its entirety
Further to our meeting with the Hop Farm today we are pleased to announce that at the moment it looks like our rally will be able to go ahead over the weekend of 25th – 27th June 2021.
However, the rally will not be able to be held in its usual format with many changes to the normal layout of the site and with restrictions on the use of the usual daytime and evening venues.
Below are the confirmed changes to the rally that we know will have to be put in place for the rally to happen.
Please read them carefully because they effect every person attending the rally.
1. The rally will be advance ticket only and attendance numbers are limited to 3,000. You cannot pay on the gate.
2. Every person attending the rally will have to show proof of a negative rapid lateral flow test taken not more than 72 hours before the day you are arriving at the rally. This must be done at an approved Government testing site who will confirm your result by text and or email (personal test results will not be accepted). These tests are FREE but usually have to be booked online in advance.
3. For those who cannot get a test done prior to the rally, we will have an approved Government test centre on site at the rally on Friday 25th from 9.00am until 7.00pm and hopefully Saturday 9.00am until 12.00 midday (Saturday testing T.B.C.). However, the more people attending the rally that use our on-site test centre, the busier it will become and the longer the wait will be to have your test and to get the result. Therefore, PLEASE get your test done prior to for the rally at your local test centre no more than 72 hours before you arrive at the rally.
4. If you cannot show a negative test result undertaken at a Government test centre you will not be admitted to the rally.
5. In the unfortunate event that someone tests positive in the 72 hours prior to the rally or at the rally test center, then you will not be able to attend the rally. In this instance your ticket will be refunded after the rally has taken place by contacting us through our website and showing us the proof of your purchase and of your positive test.
6. The gates to the rally will be open from 9.00am on Friday 25th instead of the usual midday opening.
7. Our rally will only be able to take place using vented marquee venues with bars. We will not be permitted to use the traditional brick-built venues that the rally is usually held in and because of this, the complete layout of the rally and the camping fields will be different from previous years.
8. Rally Merchandise, Rally programme etc may not be possible or maybe limited.
There is possibility that further restrictions may be placed on us as organisers and you as attendees. This will be dependent on the Governments Step 4 Coronavirus Update due on 14th June when we will then be able to provide a further and final update.
There is a possibility that access to site facilities i.e. shower blocks, toilets etc. may have to be limited in numbers at any one time.
There is a strong possibility that our headline act The Beat have to cancel their UK tour, or part of it, due to the USA not being on the Green List of countries that can travel to the UK without quarantine. In this case we will try to replace then with another headline act, but at short notice this may not be possible.
There is also still a real possibility that the rally could be cancelled right at the last minute, should the Governments update on 14th June and the subsequent restrictions have a detrimental effect on the organisation of the rally or the rally itself. In this case you will be able to get a refund direct from Skiddle (less your booking fee) or alternatively roll over your ticket to our 2022 rally.
We are doing our utmost to try and run the rally and we are sorry we cannot give you more concrete information than mentioned above.
Please can you share this information to anyone you know who is hoping to attend the rally, as it’s important they know of the above information and restrictions before they arrive at the rally.

Covid-19 Update 24.04.21

We are continuing to organise the rally with a hope that it will go ahead. However, even though the Government’s Road-Map Out of Lockdown suggest that all social distancing restrictions will be lifted on 21st June 2021, no one knows if this can happen and if it does, will there be other types of restrictions imposed on us as organisers? It may be that we have to cap the total number of people attending the rally and therefore the only way we could do this would be Advance Tickets Only. It may be that we have to check to ensure people attending have had a recent negative covid test, or proof of vaccination, both of which are possible.
However, if the Government cannot lift ALL social distancing restrictions that apply once you are in the event i.e. mask wearing, reduced numbers in venues etc. then we will have no alternative to cancel the rally.
Unfortunately, we are unlikely to know any of the above until literally a week or so before our rally is due to commence and therefore, we thought we should let you know that there is a possibility that our rally may be cancelled right at the last minute.
So, in brief: –
We may have to change to an advance ticket only.
We may have to cap the total numbers at the rally.
We may only be allowed to admit those that have proof of a covid-19 vaccination or proof of a recent negative covid-19 test.
If social distancing restrictions are imposed on us over the weekend of the rally, we will have no alternative than to cancel the event. In this case all advance tickets will be refunded (less your booking fee) through Skiddle by contacting them direct.
We hope you understand that we are doing our utmost to run the rally and continue with the organisation, but restrictions out of our control may mean we have to cancel the rally at short notice. For all updates and information in the coming weeks and month please revisit this webpage.
Fingers crossed!


Covid-19 UPDATE 31.03.21
Advance wristbands are now on sale.
PLEASE NOTE: Our rally can only go ahead if all COVID-19 social distancing restrictions are lifted on 21st June 2021, as per the Governments ‘road-map out of lock-down’ . If any social distancing restrictions are left in place after this date, the likely hood is that our rally will have to be cancelled.


Covid-19 UPDATE 10.03.21

Advance wristbands will go on sale on this website on 31st March 2021


Covid-19 UPDATE 22.02.21

Further to the Government statement on 22nd February, we are going ahead with the organisation of our national scooter rally to be held over the weekend of 25th – 27th June 2021.
Advance tickets will be available from this website in March or April.
Please check back on this website for further information on our rally, as Government’s road-map dates are confirmed or revised over the coming weeks and months.